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Listen to Experts to Become an Expert… I Think

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

The internet is amazing. Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtbe; there are infinit ways to distract yourself and let the hours pass. There are also SO MANY resources that cost NOTHING to learn from! Before I was born, I suppose you had to go to school and/or pay a lot of MONEY to learn some important things that you could then, hopefully, apply to a job. Yes, there were libraries, but you physically had to go there and find, with your hands, the book(s) you were looking for. Now, in the digital era, anything and everything is accessible from the comfort of your own home toilet! Don’t worry about putting a shirt on to go find your book…hell, don’t even put your underwear on! Great designers made it possible to learn extensively about most any topic and contact nearly anyone in the world by simply harnessing the internet.

As someone who is… healthily obsessed …with learning about human performance, the internet has been a tremendous tool. From finding all of the most influential physiology/coaching books ever written to listening to hours and hours of speaking by the best coaches and physiologists in the world, the internet has allowed me to become semi-knowledgeable on a topic I love and hope to pursue for the foreseeable future.

Finding all of these helpful resources was fairly easy but took a little time. One thing leads you to another and another and so on. Because I know some of you out there share my interest in applied physiology, I thought it could now be my turn to provide a little bit of useful content to the internet. Below, you will find a working list of the most useful resources I’ve used over the past years. From podcasts to book to blogs and Twitter accounts, this list contains many lifetimes of knowledge and work. I will periodically add to this list as I continue to find new perspectives and deeper understandings of the topics I find interesting. I hope this list provides you with some extra knowledge and enjoyment. If you know of something that should be on this list but isn’t, please tell me!

Books & Blogs

The Science of Winning, Jan Olbrecht

Lactate, Carbohydrate and Fat Utilisation During Exercise: Interrelationship and Applications in Exercise Testing, Ahmad Alkhatib

The Science of Running, Steve Magness

Training for Long and Short Trail Running, Kilian Jornet

Training for the Uphill Athlete, Steve House, Scott Johnston, Kilian Jornet

Let Your Mind Run, Deena Kastor

Endurance Training, Inigo Mujika

Scientific Training for Endurance Athletes, Phil Skiba

How to Skate a 10km…and also Half a 10km, Nils van der Poel


That Triathlon Show:

  • Gregor Millet (altitude)

  • Ator Viribay Morales (nutrition)

  • Inigo San Milan (training, testing, physiology)

  • Robert Gorgos (nutrition)

  • Bob Murray (glycogen metabolism)

  • Björn Geesman (testing, training)

  • Arild Tveiten (training, testing)

  • Olav Aleksander Bu (training, testing)

  • Nate Wilson (training)

  • Dan Lorang (training, physiology, periodization)

  • Stephen Van der Zwaard (implications of muscle fiber type distribution)

  • Phil Skiba (working with power-duration curve, training)

  • Björn Anderrson (testing, training)

  • Björn Kafka (VO2 max, VLa max, testing, training)

  • Steve Johnston (training)

  • Jan Olbrecht (physiology, training, testing)

  • Erik Myhr (training, periodization)

  • Izzy Moore (running biomechanics)

  • Glen Poleunis (training)

  • Mark Burnley (VLa max, training), (lactate thresholds, second episode)

  • Olli-Pekka Nuutila (training intensity)

  • Adam Kerin (reducing bike friction)

  • Mario Schmidt Wendling (training)

  • Russ Barber (swim training)

  • Ed Maunder, Stephen Seiler (durability)

  • Richard Blagrove (strength training)

  • Jamie Pringle (training, aerodynamics)

  • Ian Armiger (swim training)

  • Marco Pinotti (cycling training and time trialing)

  • Sebastian Zeller (training, testing)

  • Phil Burt (bike fitting), two episodes

  • Marcel Wouda (swim training, testing)

  • Sebastian Weber (VO2 max, VLa max, INCSYD)

  • Josh Poertner (tire pressure, aerodynamics, bike optimization)

  • Frank Jacobsen (performance)

  • Dan Bigham (bike optimization)

  • Bradford Cooper (psychology)

  • Bobby McGee (run economy)

  • Faris al-Sultan (training, coaching)

  • Ryan Bolton (training)

  • Craig Kirkwood (coaching)

  • Philipp Seipp (training, testing)

  • Charles Samuals (sleep)

  • David Bishop (physiology)

  • Andy Jones (science, nitrate loading)

  • Wouter Hoogkamer (super shoes)

  • Stephen Seiler (training, periodization)

  • Phil Skiba (training)

  • Joel Filliol (training, coaching)

  • Andrew Bukrell (heat adaptation)

  • Matt Bevil (stryd power meter)

  • Stephen Cheung (heat adaption)

  • Sebastian Schluricke (bike optimization)

Fast Talk:

  • Stephen Seiler (periodization, training)

  • Sebastien Weber (balancing VLa max+VO2 max), multiple episodes

  • Asker Jeukendrop (nutrition)

  • Inigo San Milan (physiology, periodization, training)

How They Train:

  • Dan Lorang (training)

  • Olav Aleksander Bu (power duration curve, training)

  • Daniel Baakgard (training)

  • Craig Alexander (training)

  • Frederic Funk (training)

  • Jackson Laundry (training)

  • Brett Sutton (coaching, training)

  • Steve McKenna (training)

The Drive:

  • Inigo San Milan

Physical Performance Show:

  • Arild Tveiten

  • Olav Aleksander Bu

Strength Running Podcast

  • Tom Schwartz (training, professional sports)

Flo Podcast

  • Dan Lorang

Endurance Innovation

  • Martin Toft Madden (cycling aerodynamics)

  • Björn Kafka (testing, VO2 max, VLa max, training), two episodes

Real Coaching with Joel Filliol

  • Dan Lorang (training)

  • The Imapact of Scientific Knowledge on Coaching

  • Training Needs Hierarchy

  • Arild Tveiten (training)

  • Triathlon Swimming Revisited

The Training Science Podcast

  • Olav Aleksander Bu



Stephen Seiler - Twitter

Paul Laursen - Twitter

Aitor Viribay Morales - Twitter

Gregoire Millet - Twitter

Ross Tucker - Twitter

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